The magic of architectural brilliance is put in each and ever design crafted by AquaDecor. We are very meticulous in our design process, and with our tremendous amount of ingenuity, we create unimaginable designs that will surpass even your highest expectations. Our world renowned 3D backgrounds are beyond unique, they are perfection dressed in sophistication.  AquaDecor is the only company in the world to have this profound level of detail inside an aquarium.

AquaDecor is a subsidiary of  Core Innovation Group.


AquaDecor is the industry leader in hand crafted 3D Aquariums. We create live art, not just a fish tank. We excel in breathtaking designs that will leave your jaw dropped- don’t believe us? Check us out. Our patented designs mimic the finest and most rare rocks, stones and underwater habitats. We specialize in offering custom designs, each being exclusive to the requirements of each client.


Terra Decor is the industry forerunner in hand crafted 3D terrain compositions. We create earth art that incorporates the most alluring elements in nature. We exceed all current designs on the market- there is no one else like us. Our designs imitate the finest and most rare rocks, stones and terrain surfaces ever imaginable, except we put it together in a work of artistry.


Our Customers:

  • Residential Projects
  • Commercial Developments
  • Office Buildings
  • Educational Projects (museums, schools, theatres)

Recent Projects

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The options for our unique AquaDecor designs are limitless. Incorporating underwater designs in an office, commercial building or home has never been so easy due to our patented light-weight materials, hand-crafted to mimic every divot and texture of natural rock. Choose from a variety of natural colours and patterns to complement your interior design and environment.

Previous clients call our work “Living Art” and “Breathtaking”